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I am so sick of people trying to claim 50 Shades of Grey will not be able to have a negative effect on society because it’s “just a book”. The Bible was just a book. The Communist Manifesto was just a book. Mein Kampf, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, The Quran, freaking Harry Potter were all “just books”. If you keep saying literature and media don’t have the potential to change countries, or cultures, or the world, then you’re just deluding yourself.


*eating chips* okay this is the last one. *eats 10 more* I mean it this time, no more. *finishes bag*


Important OTP question: which one sends cute good-morning texts and which one replies to them angrily because ‘it’s not even seven yet fuck off’?

Favorite Characters - Margaret Tate

"If you touch my ass one more time, I will cut your balls off in your sleep. Okay? "

stars organization in 2013: we hope jamie and tyler become good friends

stars organization in 2014: no wait we didn't mean like this